on aspens

Aspens are very lovely trees. They quake prettily in the slightest breeze, making a nice rustling noise.

Aspens set against a blue sky.I have aspens in my front yard. If you are considering having aspens in your yard, let me forewarn you: They are pests.

It might not be so bad if you plant one in the middle of your yard, but if you plant an aspen in any kind of bed, you’re asking for trouble in the form of more aspens.

Trouble, you may ask, what trouble? More aspens isn’t terrible at all. Trees are meant to reproduce and I don’t see why aspens should be any different.

But it’s the manner in which they reproduce that makes them such a nuisance. They send up new shoots along all the root paths. If the aspen is in the middle of your yard, no big deal–you just run the new shoots over with a lawn mower every couple of weeks or so. But should your aspen have a planting bed as its unfortunate location, you will be doomed to chopping small trees off of roots. You might have to involve work gloves, a shovel, or even a saw if the root base is too large to simply hack.

Either that or have your house hiding behind a mess of this:

Impenetrable grove of aspens.

Images from here and here.

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