on windows

I’m having an egress window put in the basement bedroom. There’s someone living down there, and technically that’s not exactly legal without a window.

It has a window now, of course, but it’s one of those tiny fold-out things that would be of no help if the house were burning down–a seven-year-old couldn’t reach it and a grown person couldn’t squeeze through it.

I hired a contractor to dig out the space for a window well, cut a hole in the wall, and put a full-sized window in. And for the past week it’s looked like this:

Hole for window well.Not awesome. You can’t really see it very well, but there’s a gas line that the gas company didn’t know about. Its path is marked by the charming yellow spray paint.

I’ve been mailed some sort of form by the gas company (so I’m told), and I’ll have to fill it out and mail it back before the line can be moved and progress can continue. Until then I suppose the side yard will just have to continue looking like a crime scene.


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