the middle

Welcome to the middle of this project. I started it when the camera was inoperable, so you don’t get any pictures from the beginning. Instead I’ll have to explain it.

Once upon a time above my kitchen sink there was a cupboard. I have a thing against upper kitchen cabinets in general (I think open shelves are far more charming), and this particular kitchen cupboard prevented free access to the sink (you couldn’t lean over it without hitting your head).

I removed the cupboard–with some help from my brother–mudded the cracks in the plaster, primed, and painted the wall to match the rest of the kitchen. But I left room for a backsplash. This section I left ugly and unpainted. You can see some of the ugliness in the first picture.

I then mixed up some concrete and installed some cultured stone, which is just a nice way of saying concrete made to look like rock. It’s typically used in outdoor applications to make a house appear like it has a stone foundation. But why use it to do what it’s meant to do?

I let it cure, removed my props, and found that one of the stones was loose. I pulled it (and the six or so others I knocked off the wall while attempting to get the one back up), remixed concrete and tried again. It didn’t work.

Unfinished sink backsplash

But today I had the brilliant idea to use caulk as a binder instead of concrete. The current results:

Cultured stone backsplash

The blocks on the bottom are props which I hope I can remove tomorrow. Then I’ll have to clean it, caulk around the edges, seal it, and prime and paint the sides.


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