My house is wonderful, lovely, charming, darling–nearly everything I wanted–but I do have plans for it.

There’s the egress window that I hired a contractor to do earlier this summer. (Please don’t ask about progress there; there’s only regress everywhere I look. I suspect before we’re done I’m going to make the contractor cry.)

Let me share some happier plans. My entryway:

Nothing wrong with it, but the plan is to open a hole in the wall with the mirror.  That’s because the wall behind it looks like this:

Both the entryway and this bedroom used to be a porch.  I sometimes regret the turning of a porch into an entryway and bedroom, but it wasn’t my choice, and it probably raised property value, so it’s not bad by any means.

Regardless, one of the bedroom’s closets can be closed on the bedroom side and opened on the entryway side to make a front hall closet.

Before you think, “Oh, how sad that she doesn’t have a front hall closet,” please know that I do have a front hall closet.  It’s behind this door:

This was the original entryway; the white door jambs you can see in the foreground used to be the original doorway.

And why would I want two front hall closets?  I wouldn’t. The current front hall closet is fairly large, and I would put a toilet and sink in there for a guest bath.  I’ll let you know when it happens, if  it happens.


About Chrissie Reinhart

Christian, wife, mother; striving to strive.
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