Fall’s coming.

If you live where I do, it’s pretty much here. It’s almost eleven in the morning, and about fifty degrees out. I’ve got a nice corduroy jacket on.

Fall’s arrival means I should hang the storm windows to insulate my lovely house against freezing breezes. Some of my storm windows are already installed–permanently painted into place. The remainder lean against the wall in my shed in various stages of brokenness. It’s unfortunate.

via Wikimedia Commons

The easy solution is to replace the glass. Then I can hang the storms and protect the house. But new glass is so uncharming.

It used to be that glass was made in giant cylinders which were then reheated and rolled flat. The process was imperfect and created waviness and bubbles in the glass.

via old house web

Some of the original glass remains in my house. Some has been broken and replaced with modern float glass. The difference is subtle but changes the feel of the house. The sun through the old glass is textured and lovely and I wish all my windows had it. To include the storms.

There are companies that manufacture cylinder glass even today, but they’re on the East Coast, not out in Montana, and at this point, that option is prohibitively expensive. I really need a house patron.


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