intimidation accessory

You may or may not recall that I’m having an egress window installed in my basement. I’ve got a roommate living down there, and I’d really prefer for her to live in the event of a fire or other catastrophe. I’m a nice guy like that.

It still looks like this:

Except that the yellow caution tape has torn and several more sticks have cluttered the area. Not awesome. The contractor isn’t returning my calls.  I don’t know why.  If he would just come do the work he agreed to do, he’d get paid–and isn’t that why he’s working?

Apparently not.  I can’t say I’m thrilled.

It makes me think that I need to wear an intimidation accessory. People on TV do it all the time.

image via Aceshowbiz

Look, three out of six people walking around with rifles slung over their shoulders and one of six carrying a handgun (I like the look of the rifle). I bet that if I conducted my daily business with a rifle slung over my shoulder, my contractor wouldn’t blow off my calls. It’s kind of like wearing a diamond-encrusted Rolex or carrying some fancy briefcase–but more effective I think.


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