theme music

The other evening my roommate was watching a movie. From my room I could hear the dramatic theme music that only partially covered the cries of women and children as (I assume) their village was pillaged.

It made me think how fun and instructive it would be to have theme music in my own life. When facing a trial, dramatic, noble, persevering music would play that would remind me that the trial was only temporary and actually for my growth.

And then, if approaching a creepy house in the dead of night, you could judge how to proceed based on the music playing. Quiet, peaceful cricket-chirping music? No problem. Scary, tense, don’t-open-that-door music? Don’t open the door; run away.

And then there would be the fun times like if I were sitting and quietly reading with quiet music in the background, then the music would pick up and I’d know something was about to happen. The cat jumps up my lap! The door rings and it’s the UPS man with a package for me!

Or if I went for any length of time where the music stopped, I would know that my life was too boring and I should really get around to doing something.

So if you know any ways of projecting theme music onto live experiences. . .please let me know.


About Chrissie Reinhart

Christian, wife, mother; striving to strive.
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