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The good neighbor award of the week goes to. . . me! Yes, I saved my neighbor from a horrible, choking, smoke-inhalation death–or possibly a fried-to-a-crisp burning death. He left rice and beans on the stove, his phone upstairs, fell … Continue reading

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a small, happy adventure

Once while browsing the stacks in Heckman Library at Calvin College, I came across a book title The Universe or the Infinitely Great and the Infinitely Little by F. A. Pouchet. I decided that when I grew up, I wanted … Continue reading

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To market, to market to buy some fresh fruit, then home again, home again skippety scoot! The farmers’ market is one of my favorite things in Billings in the summer.

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  I got a fig tree in the mail. It’s a small thing with a hole in one leaf, but if I can keep it alive, it will make figs. I’ve never eaten a fig before; the closest I’ve come … Continue reading

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A fierce windstorm blew a bit of my neighbor’s tree onto my roof. (No worries; my dad and neighbor got it down.) In other news, one of my rose bushes is producing prodigiously. You may now consider yourselves fully updated.

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Sometimes, this describes my life: I actually know it’s not true (but I don’t always act on that knowledge). Sorry everyone around me. Also, I really like this: That’s all.

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