a small, happy adventure

Once while browsing the stacks in Heckman Library at Calvin College, I came across a book title The Universe or the Infinitely Great and the Infinitely Little by F. A. Pouchet. I decided that when I grew up, I wanted to own that book.

I have since purchased the book online from a seller in England. He wrote a charming note and sent it along with the package.

Last night I was reading this very book (specifically, the section on the migration habits of larger mammals), when I noticed that I was missing a couple of pages. I don’t know what induced me to notice the pages numbers; the sentence ended on the one page and another full sentence began on the next page – but that page was numbered two pages after the page I had just left.

I thumbed at the page, but the pages weren’t stuck together; there was only one edge. I flipped a few pages ahead, thinking the pages might have been printed out of order, but all continued sequentially.

I flipped back to the missing page and pressed down.

The page hadn’t been cut. The book was published in 1909, and I was the first person to open and read that page.

In the past, I’d looked for uncut books on eBay and the like, but never found anything. Even though this was just a page, I was very excited to cut it and discover what lay within.


About Chrissie Reinhart

Christian, wife, mother; striving to strive.
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