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Happy September! The weather app tells me it’s meant to be rainy with a high in the 60s. This makes it seem as good a time as any to implement my plan to hibernate. I hate getting up in the … Continue reading

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beet cake

Here’s another dreamy video for you to enjoy.

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Kinfolk via Vimeo. Slow down. Breathe. Share a meal with friends and friends-to-be.

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I enjoy mechanical machines. That would be opposed to computerized machines. For instance, I prefer cars where gears and pulleys (or whatever) move when you depress the brake pedal and a mechanical process stops the car versus the brake pedal … Continue reading

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the door

The charming door is cut and in thanks to some help from my roommate. It pleases me so much more than white hollow core MDF.

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on handwriting

A CNN article recently led me to You write a page – or a few sentences – in script, then answer several questions about how you formed the letters. It then spits out a personality report. I find this … Continue reading

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Don’t despair. I might not be diligent, but I do get things done on occasion. This morning I finished the flagstone patio. I realize it doesn’t look much different from when I posted about putting the chairs together, but with … Continue reading

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