details, doors, and charm

Charm emanates from detail. I live in a home built in 1915, but that in and of itself is not charming. I love many of Stanwick Park’s features, but not all of them. “Updates” have left linoleum in the kitchen and peel and stick tiles in the bathroom. Most of the doors have been replaced hollow core white MDF; only one original wood door with a glass knob remains.

I’m in many houses, have possession of many houses, and this affords some opportunity.

This door was left in the basement of one of the homes we own. A charming four panel solid wooden door. Now it’s mine. It smells of pets and poverty, and it’s too large for my door frame, but these things can be remedied.

One thing I’m not sure how to remedy is a simple detail: The knob was installed in a bizarre location at a midget height.

Ah, details. I can try to move the knob, but then I’m left with a hole in the door. Perhaps I could turn it into a spy hole? I could install the door as the knob directs, with the short panels on the bottom and the knob 2.5 feet off the floor, but that would make me angry. Or I could install the door as its panels direct, and have the knob at a giant’s height (which suits me rather well [and might childproof against my nephews]), but then the lock’s keyhole is upside down and above the knob.

What to do?


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One Response to details, doors, and charm

  1. Kate says:

    This post made me smile. 🙂 The door is, indeed, charming. 🙂 Love.

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