So I’ve let this blog languish a bit. Home projects have taken a back seat of late, as has photographing and mentally arranging to share those projects and other joys of life.

But I thought I’d pop by to document a large-scale renovation: we’re adding a shower to the downstairs half bath. I’d dreamed of doing such a thing when I moved in to Stanwick Park, but I found that I like dreaming up ideas for improvement and never really carrying through.

And then I married a man of action. I told him about my idea to one day add a shower to the downstairs bath…and he went all wild and said we should get a plumber out to give us an estimate. So we did.

After reviewing the estimate, my darlin’ said we should go for it. A month later I still hadn’t called the plumber to give him the go-ahead.

After some encouragement, I made the call and contracted the work. The bathroom is still torn apart–sans sink, sans toilet, sans shower walls–but it’s exciting to me. I count this as progress!

photo 1The view from the doorway: the shower will be to the left in the back; the toilet across from it.

photo 2The soon-to-be shower(!).




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2 Responses to languishing

  1. Melodee says:


  2. Kate says:

    Hurrah for marrying men of action! And for home improvements. And for new blog posts. šŸ™‚

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