Billings has a new grocery store: Lucky’s Market. Strawberries were on sale for 88¢ a pound, so I figured I’d try making strawberry chia seed jam.

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It’s sweetened with honey and agave. I warned Shawn it wasn’t very sweet. He asked why I didn’t add more sugar. I told him I did it on purpose so we could taste the strawberries instead of sugar syrup. He seemed wary.


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I used two pounds of berries, six tablespoons of  chia seeds, and probably three tablespoons of honey and four tablespoons of agave nectar. I heated everything, stirred, mashed, let it reduce, and poured it into glass jars.

Once it cools a bit, I’m thinking of testing it over ice cream. Then we’ll see if it meets Shawn’s approval.


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2 Responses to preserving

  1. Amanda says:

    That looks and sounds wonderful! Now I’m curious how it’ll turn out, too – I always think jam recipes call for too much sugar, but wouldn’t have thought to try a different sweetener. 🙂

    • ckschicktanz says:

      We gave it a go last night (on ice cream), and I thought it was good. It was runnier than store-bought jam, and definitely not as sweet, but it tasted like strawberries to me, which I found wonderful.

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