snow day


Spring snow this morning meant tea, waffles, and a slow start.

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to furnish

I added a lovely chair to my office furniture. It’s not hanging out in the office presently; it wants to be seen and admired so I’m humoring it.

In other news my basil that had been flourishing ┬áis committing suicide. It doesn’t need more water; I added food; still, it’s dying. It’s a good thing I can get another plant and my life doesn’t depend on keeping this one alive.


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Favorite new app: Kinotopic.


That’s why.

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artful addition

Thrifting last Saturday with Brianna yielded a new picture to my artless house. I haven’t yet hung it up (it seems too small to add to a large blank wall), but it’s hanging out balancing the nut bowl on the buffet.

Slowly but surely I will add art…one of these days I’ll have a gallery wall.

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Mid-fifties today. The snow’s melting into yards and flowing down gutters. It feels like spring, though we’re still in the middle of winter. But is it too early to dream of camping?

The Oregon Coast from Kinfolk on Vimeo.

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Tiger in a Jar has done it again. I love them, I love Kinfolk, and I love food, to include pesto. Enjoy.

Classic Pesto from Kinfolk on Vimeo.

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idyllic winter

Today’s a day for hot chocolate, fire, cats, blankets, books, good music, knitting, and not having to go anywhere.

Completely unrelated: I’ve always thought the right side of my house needs something a little more. Another window? A pine tree? (Though trees by the foundation of any house make me a bit nervous…) Any suggestions?

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